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Traditions Buckstalker XT .50 cal Muzzleloader Black w/Redi Pak & Duplex Scope (RS5-72000840)
[TRA-Buck OBlk RS572000840]

Traditions Buckstalker XT .50 cal Muzzleloader Black w/Redi Pak & Duplex Scope  (RS5-72000840)

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Traditions® has upgraded the features on the tried and true Buckstalker™ series to evolve it into the Buckstalker™ XT. Now with a premium-grade Chromoly steel barrel, this allows the Buckstalker™ to be lightweight yet accurate and strong. The Buckstalker™ XT is outfitted with the Elite XT™ Trigger System which is an upgraded trigger that has a precise and accurate trigger pull, rebounding hammer, and manual cross block trigger safety. Thanks to the 24" barrel, this compact and maneuverable firearm is perfect for any situation from shots in dense brush to long shots across fields. With many other features included, the Buckstalker™ XT is an excellent, accurate, value-packed muzzleloader.

Buckstalker™ XT Features:

  • Elite XT™ Trigger System
  • Quick-T™ Ramrod Handle
  • Accelerator Breech Plug™ - works for both loose and pelletized powder
  • 24" Chromoly blued Barrel
  • Speed Load System - easy loading and more consistent groups
  • Dual Safety System - rebounding hammer and cross block manual trigger safety
  • Accurate up to 200 yards
  • Fast action release button
  • 1:28" twist rifling
  • Extended ambidextrous hammer extension
  • Sling swivel studs
  • 209 shotgun primer ignition
  • Solid aluminum ramrod

This Redi-Pak includes:

  • Buckstalker XT .50 Caliber w/ 3-9x40 Duplex Scope Mounted & boresighted
  • .50 Caliber Cleaning Jag
  • Black Composite Round Handle Ball Starter
  • (25) Dry Cleaning Patches
  • (3) Tubes of Traditions XTP Bullets
  • (2) Universal Fast Loaders
  • 209 Capper
  • In-Line Nipple Pick
  • EZ Clean™ Breech Plug & Nipple Grease
  • EZ Clean™ Bore Spray Solvent
  • Nylon Breech Brush

*only shipped in Canada and requires a valid Firearms Acquisition Licence*

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