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BB2 The Granular Long-Range Attractant

If you want to shoot a big buck, you need to get them onto your property.  BB2 is your secret weapon. Its powerful aroma, the result of a proprietary refining process, draws deer from farther away. But, BB2 is not just an attractant. In fact, it has a TDN (total digestible nutrition) level that is higher than virtually all premium feeds.  Available in 6lb, 20 lb and 40 lb bags.

BB2™ Enhance The Concentrated Corn-additive Attractant

If you run feeders or use corn to attract deer, you need BIG&J's BB2™ Enhance. Designed to mix with either corn or feed, this concentrated attractant adds the key element of long-range attraction to your offering.  It also means the deer will come back, thanks to the nutrients and protein they get – and can't resist. Turn your corn or feed into a powerful attractant with BB2™ Enhance from BIG&J.  Available in a 20 lb bag.

The CUBE A hard form of BB2 that lasts longer in the field

The highest protein and lowest salt content of any consumption block available today!

The CUBE, essentially a compressed form of BB2, is designed to last longer in the field and is perfectly suited for hard-to-reach spots, hunting mature bucks, long-distance hunt sites.  Available in 25 lb blocks

DEADLY DUST™   Sweet Corn Powder Attractant

Supercharge your ordinary field corn with DEADLY DUST, the sweet corn attractant that's made from real sweet corn and 5 times sweeter than field corn!  Available in 5 lb and 15 lb bags.

LEGIT® The True Mineral with Powerful Apple Aroma & Flavour

LEGIT is a true mineral, not just a glorified salt, and its powerful aroma will attract deer from far and wide!

The high calcium/phosphorus content promotes antler growth.  "Smart Nugget" processing makes for a more consistent mineral nugget that ensures all of your deer get the minerals they need!  Available 5 lb bag

LIQUID LUCK The Liquid Long-Range Attractant that works fast!

When it comes to long-range aroma, liquids have the advantage of evaporation. That's why when you pour LIQUID LUCK over a stump or on the ground, it works fast –  the perfect attractant for the weekend hunter.

Available in handy 1/2 gal Carry & Pour Bag

MELTDOWN The Mineral Powder that reacts when you add water

The unique mineral mix literally melts down when you add water, sending off vapors to attract deer.  This vaporization also occurs with each rainfall.

Available in 1.5 lb Carry & Pour Bag