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BIG & J LEGIT True mineral with Apple aroma & flavour - 5 lb Bag
[BJ Legit]

BIG & J LEGIT True mineral with Apple aroma & flavour - 5 lb Bag

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There are many mineral products, but most are glorified salt. Of the few "true" minerals, only one is also a long-range attractant – LEGIT from BIG&J. The intense apple aroma and flavour will draw deer from far and wide. The high calcium/phosphorus content promotes antler growth. "Smart Nugget" processing makes for a more consistent mineral nugget that ensures all of your deer get the minerals they need!
  • A "true" mineral product, not just glorified salt
  • Intense apple aroma and flavour attracts deer and keeps them coming back for more
  • Give your deer all of the essential minerals they need for optimal health, including calcium and phosphorus for growing antlers
  • "Smart Nugget" processing makes for a better mineral nugget four ways:
  1. Consistent mineral content in each nugget means every deer that visits gets what it needs
  2. Breaks down in the soil gradually, yet it breaks down quickly in the body to deliver nutrition, fast
  3. Firm nuggets won't blow away like powders
  4. Resists caking, making nuggets easier to distribute
  • Available in a 5lb bag