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Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 Semi-Automatic .22 LR Timber-Kanati Camo - H002C
[H002C Henry US Surv]

Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 Semi-Automatic .22 LR Timber-Kanati Camo - H002C

Price: $489.99  |  In Stock

Favorite of bush pilots, backpackers and backcountry adventurers who need a rifle that’s easy to carry yet has the accuracy to reliably take down small game.

This innovative, semi-automatic model is lightweight (3.5 lbs.) and highly portable. At just 16.5″ long, when all the components are stowed, it easily fits into backpack.

When disassembled the pieces fit inside the impact and water resistant stock. Assembly is as easy as attaching the receiver to the stock, inserting the barrel, and screwing on the nut. In a few seconds, without any tools, the Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 is ready for action.

It comes standard with a sturdy steel barrel covered in tough ABS plastic that’s coated with Teflon™ for complete protection against corrosion.

The receiver is also coated with Teflon™ for superior weatherproofing and waterproof protection, even in harsh saltwater environments. The updated receiver is grooved, making it easy to top off with your favorite optics.

Adjustable rear sight and a blade front sight.

2 8-round magazines

True Timber-Kanati Camo

*only shipped in Canada and requires a valid Firearms Acquisiton Licence*