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Excalibur Micro Mag Air - Black w/Fixed power Scope
[Exc 0Micro Air]

Excalibur Micro Mag Air - Black  w/Fixed power Scope

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The MAG Air is the lightest, fully accessorized crossbow that no other competitor can match. In fact, fully accessorized the Mag Air is up to 1 pound lighter than most competitors’ crossbow’s bare bow weight! The heart of this game changing crossbow is the lightweight skeletal stock and mainframe, specifically engineered to reduce weight while maintaining maximum strength and durability, not to mention a killer look.
The Mag Air, a budget-friendly crossbow without sacrifice, to go anywhere, hunt any game in any situation.

Speed (up to): 305 FPS  |  Draw effort: 134lbs.  |  Draw length: 12.4"  | Mass Weight: 4.9lbs 6.7lbs w/accessories  |  Overall Length: 31"  |  Finish: Black

Package includes:
- Fixed Power scope (with 1" rings)

- Rope-cocking aid

- A four-arrow quiver, and 3 Quill 16.5" arrows 

- 3 100-grain field points

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