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Beretta/ Benelli Mobil Prairie Storm Choke Tubes

Beretta/ Benelli Mobil Prairie Storm Choke Tubes

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Get the most from Federal Premium's PRAIRIE STORM™ ammunition with Carlson's Prairie Storm chokes.  This Titanium Coated choke tube allows Federal’s special FLITESTOPPER lead pellets and FLITECONTROL® wad deliver devastating downrange patterns.

Carlson’s Prairie Storm™ choke tube is a proven performer on pheasants and upland birds using all lead and steel shot loads over extended distances.

The unique FLITECONTROL® wad in Prairie Storm™ Ammunition will deliver inconsistent patterns in ported chokes or when used with wad stopping or stripping devices. This choke uses a special field-tested constriction and length to get the most from Federal Premium Prairie Storm™ Ammunition.

The EARLY SEASON choke tube is a Light Modified constriction and the LATE SEASON choke tube is an Improved Modified constriction.

This choke performs equally well when used with lead, copper, nickel, Hevi-Shot and steel shot loads.  All sizes and speeds of Steel shot may be used in either choke tube.

This choke is backed by Carlson's lifetime waranty.