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Excalibur Micro 308Short w/Dead-Zone Scope Package
[Exc 308S MOBUC/Serenity]

Excalibur Micro 308Short w/Dead-Zone Scope Package

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The 308Short delivers lightweight maneuverability for tight ground blinds and treestands with a super compact overall length. Specifically designed with an overall length of 30 inches and a shorter length of pull of 12.5 inches, the 308Short is ideal for hunters concerned with size and weight and perfect for young hunters or shooters of smaller stature. Complimented with a distinguished bronze finish and Mossy Oak Break Up camouflage, this crossbow blends into the forest (also available in Muddy Girl Serenity with black finish for a limited time). Coming loaded with premium features such as Excalibur's Dead-Zone Multi Reticle Scope, X-Hanger 3 Arrow Quiver and performance tuned Quill arrows, the 308SHORT is a unique crossbow setting the standards in balance and easy handling without sacrificing performance.

Speed (up to) 308 FPS | Cocking Effort 127 lb  |  Draw Weight 254 lb  |  Draw Length 13.375"  |   Bow-only Weight 5.4 lbs   |  Overall Length 30"  | Width (cocked) 21"  |  Width (un-cocked) 25"  |  Finish: Bronze with Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage (pictured) or Black with Muddy Girl Serenity camo (discontinued-limited quantity)

Package Includes:
• Dead-Zone Scope with 1 inch rings
• Guardian™ Anti-Dry-Fire system
• Three-arrow X-Hanger quiver with bracket
• 3 Quill arrows with 100 grain field points
• Rope-cocking aid