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Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 330 MOBUC w/Dead-Zone Scope Suppressed Pkg
[Matrix 2330bulldog]

Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 330 MOBUC w/Dead-Zone Scope Suppressed Pkg

Price: $749.99  |  Coming Soon

The MATRIX Bulldog 330 Suppressed Edition delivers all the same rugged and reliable features hunters have come to expect from the best selling MATRIX Series but 2.2 decibels quieter ! New enhancements have been added to make it shorter, lighter and easy to load.

Coming fully loaded with the hardest working features like Excalibur’s famous Compact Recurve Limbs, Dead-Zone Multi Reticle Scope, Guardian Anti- Dry-Fire, the ultra quiet Sound Deadening System, 18” performance tuned Diablo Arrows and Full Mossy Oak Break Up Country camouflage. All these features combined with the new Bullpup stock give unmatched ergonomic comfort and balance to help you tackle any hunt and provide a lifetime of performance.

Speed (up to) 330 FPS | Cocking Effort 110 lb  |  Draw Weight 220 lb  |  Draw Length 17.5"  |  Stock Style: Bullpup Ready Rest  |  Bow-only Weight 5.9 lbs   |  Overall Length 33.75"  | Width (cocked) 22.5"  |  Width (un-cocked) 30.5"  |  Finish: Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Package Includes:
• Dead-Zone Scope with 1 inch rings
• Sound Deadening System
• R.E.D.S suppressors
• Guardian™ Anti-Dry-Fire system
• Three-arrow X-Hanger quiver with bracket
• 3 Diablo arrows with 100 grain field points
• Rope-cocking aid
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