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Remington 700™ SPS™ (Special Purpose Synthetic)
[Rem 700 SPS]

Remington 700™ SPS™ (Special Purpose Synthetic)

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The workhorse Model 700™ SPS™ line is solid and dependable.  Built to carry on the tradition of the Model 700™ ADL™ Synthetic, the Model 700™ SPS™ is leading the way for the next generation of hard-hitting, fully featured, affordable priced rifles. From the rock-solid receiver design to the famous “three rings of steel,” the Model 700 SPS offers unrivaled out-of-the-box accuracy and high-end performance.

It features an improved, ergonomically designed synthetic stock for better handling and enhanced overall functionality. The carbon steel barrels are clean without sights and receivers are drilled and tapped for scope mounts. All exterior metalwork features a matte blued finish. Standard amenities also include a hinged floor plate magazine, and swivel studs.

  • Ergonomically designed synthetic stock
  • Sling swivel studs included
  • Legendary Model 700™ action
  • Drilled and tapped for scope mounts

Available calibers - 223 Rem, 243 Win, 270 Win, 30-06, all with 24" barrel;  7MM Rem Mag with 26" barrel

**only shipped in Canada and requires valid Firearms Acquisition Licence

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