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Remington® Model 700TM Ultimate Muzzleloader® (86962)
[Rem 700 TM]

Remington® Model 700TM Ultimate Muzzleloader® (86962)

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The Remington Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader – the most technologically advanced in-line muzzleloader on market today, sets a new performance threshold with the use of a closed breech system that provides a cleaner and hotter ignition. The AMP (Accelerated Muzzleloader Performance) ignition system uses a uniquely-sized brass case with a Remington 9 ½ large magnum rifle primer that is push fed into the breech plug creating a gas seal in the flash hole of the primer.  The result allows the shooter to load up to 200 grains of powder for increased range, energy, and on-game performance.

Using 200 grains of Triple Seven® Pellets in combination with Barnes’ Spit-Fire T-EZTM 250-grain muzzleloader bullets, the Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader gives the shooter the ability to reach velocities over 2400 fps. With Remington’s patented breech plug technology, shooters can now experience centerfire-like performance and accuracy out of a muzzleloader.




  • U.M.L. Ignition System, the patented new breech technology that handles 200-grain magnum charges for 300-yard-performance.
  • Legendary Model 700® receiver, machined from solid-steel bar stock for uniformity and strength.
  • Power, accuracy and handling comparable to most centerfire rifles.
  • Bell & Carlson synthetic stock
  • 26” stainless steel, fluted barrel

**only shipped in Canada and requires valid Firearms Acquisition Licence

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