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Remington 783 Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle - Synthetic, Scoped
[Remington 783 Synthetic]

Remington 783 Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle - Synthetic, Scoped

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Custom-grade accuracy is now within reach of virtually every hunter.  A true performance-enhancer, with a dual-pillar bedding platform that free-floats the barrel for the ultimate in shot-to-shot consistency.

The black synthetic stock contains a high nylon fiber content giving the stock superior strength and rigidity. A precision button-rifled barrel also helps deliver tight groups. For shot control, it's equipped with the crisp new CrossFire™ trigger system that's user adjustable to suit your preferences.

The 783 features a steel detachable magazine with a steel latch. Standard calibers have a four round capacity and magnum calibers hold three rounds.

Comes with 3-9x40mm scope.

Available in calibers .243 (also in compact), 270, 22-250, 30-06, 308 (also in compact), 300 Win Mag, and 7mm

  • New CrossFire™ trigger system, factory set at 3 1/2 lbs. and user adjustable from 2 1/2 to 5 lbs.
  • Carbon steel magnum contour button rifled barrel
  • 22" standard chamberings, 24" on magnums, 20" compact
  • SuperCell™ Recoil Pad
  • Model 783 accepts two Model 700™ front bases

**only shipped in Canada and requires valid Firearms Acquisition Licence