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S5 String Shock Sound Suppression System (order # 1966)

S5 String Shock Sound Suppression System (order # 1966)

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This exciting accessory uses a combination of modern vibration reduction technology and common sense thinking to produce the most durable and effective shock and sound reduction possible.

The “S5” string shock and sound suppression system attaches easily and quickly to mounting holes in the riser of 2004 to current non-Matrix series crossbows and will work either in conjunction with Excalibur’s dissipator bar system or on its own to quiet shot noise and reduce vibration.

Set of 2 Replacement Pads available also - click here

Note: The S5's will not work with the Matrix Series Crossbows. 

Click here to view the R.E.D.S. Suppressor designed for the Matrix Series Crossbows.