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Boltcutter Broadheads 3-pack (order 6670)

Boltcutter Broadheads 3-pack (order 6670)

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This 150 grain, 1- 1 /16" broadhead has proven itself to be the most accurate hunting head on today’s high speed hunting crossbows, delivering amazing accuracy even at extreme range when teamed with an appropriately designed arrow. The Boltcutter is made entirely from high strength stainless steel to withstand the hardest hit and still deliver devastating terminal performance.


Excalibur's testing found that at velocities over 300 fps, down-range accuracy at distances over 25 yards declined when using 100 grain replacement blade broadheads. The solution  was to increase the "front of center" balance of the arrow, either by increasing the weight of the front insert or by increasing the weight of the broadhead. They chose to increase the broadhead weight since this allows the choice of using lightweight mechanical broadheads for maximum velocity or our Boltcutter broadheads for durability and accuracy with Excalibur arrows. Boltcutters are the perfect compromise between durability, velocity and accuracy. In testing with their fastest crossbow models, Boltcutters consistently shot sub 4" groups at 40 yards when used with Firebolt arrows.

Also available in 6-pack (order# 6674) or 18-pack replacement blades (order# 6671)