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Twilight DLX Illuminated Multiplex Scope (order # 1962)

Twilight DLX Illuminated Multiplex Scope (order # 1962)

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If you are a crossbow hunter who truly takes his sport seriously, this is the only scope that will satisfy you! The Twilight DLX is designed to make the most out of every bit of light to give you the brightest image possible in extreme low light hunting situations. That means clearer, crisper view for absolute target identification and precise shot placement after sunset and before sunrise.

The Twilight DLX features a huge 44mm objective lens to gather the most light possible, a 30mm tube for unimpeded light transmission, and fully multi-coated lenses throughout to maximize clarity and brightness. The Twilight DLX comes with Excalibur's adjustable multiplex crosshair system for accurate compensation for trajectory in precise 10-yard increments at any speed between 300 and 400 FPS, and our dual red or green color illuminated reticle to assist you in low light accuracy.

3-6 x 44mm objective.