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Excalibur Assassin 360 Strata Crossbow w/Tact Zone Pkg
[Strata Assassin 360]

Excalibur Assassin 360 Strata Crossbow w/Tact Zone Pkg

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Cams and Cables are dead.  Any perceived advantage of a compound crossbow dies the moment you shoot Excalibur's new Assassin. It delivers all the advantages of Excalibur recurve limb technology – superior accuracy, no timing or tuning issues, and bombproof durability – with a now virtually effortless draw cycle thanks to their patented Charger Crank System - the worlds first dead-silent integrated crank aid, allowing you to generate 360 fps speeds and over 100 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy with just 12 pounds of force. With no clicking, and the safest means of de-cocking on the market. It also enhances accuracy by ensuring flawless string alignment at every shot.


  • Charger cranking system
  • Pro-Shot Match-Grade two stage Trigger
  • 10-point sound dampening system (incl R.E.D.S.)
  • bombproof durability
  • fully adjustable Tru-Fit Stock featuring fast tool-less length of pull adjustment from 12” to 15”
  • adjustable cheekpiece
  • anti dri-fire system

Includes: Tact-Zone Scope w/30mm scope rings;  Pro-Shot trigger;  Anti-Dry Fire;  R.E.D.S. suppressors;  Sound deadening system;  Ambidestrous cheekpiece;  4-arrow quiver w/4 Quill arrows & 100gr field points;  fail-safe strap/charger handle

Speed (up to) 360 FPS | Cocking Effort 12 lb  |  Draw Weight 285 lb  |  Draw Length 15"  |   Bow-only Weight 7.7 lbs   |  Overall Length 30 - 33"  | Width (cocked) 21"  |  Width (un-cocked) 25"  |  Finish: TrueTimber Strata camo

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