Strings and Bow Performance

Excel Crossbow String
Excel Crossbow String is machine made to achieve high arrow velocities with maximum reliability.

Flemish Dynaflight Crossbow String

For use on all Excalibur crossbows except for the Matrix Series 


Matrix String

High-performance crossbow string and center serving for Matrix series crossbows.

Crossbow Stringing Aid

C2 Crank Cocking Aid

The perfect solution for hunters who have difficulty drawing high poundage crossbows.

Rope Cocking Aid


R.E.D.S. (Recoil Energy Dissipation System)

For Matrix Series crossbows only.

*NEW* Air Brakes

Lightweight, Energy Absorbing, for noise and recoil reduction.

For any Matrix or Mico

S5 String Shock Sound Suppression System

Quiet shot noise and reduce vibration for all Excalibur Crossbows except Matrix


Dissipator Bar Kit

Tames recoil energy and noise on any Excalibur crossbow except Matrix


“Guardian” Anti-Dry-Fire

Scope Mount 

Prevents dry firing, allows easy de-cocking.


Rail Lubricant


Trigger Oil

Serving Wax