Arrows, Broadheads, and Related Accessories

Diablo 18" Carbon Arrows - made specifically for the Matrix series crossbows.            FireBolt 20" Carbon Arrows Excalibur exclusive - designed to deliver optimum speed and accuracy with high performance recurve crossbows when using broadheads.     

Aluminum Arrows

20 inch aluminum arrows with 4 inch fletching. Includes front and rear inserts with 6 per package.  

Boltcutter B.A.T. (Blade Alignment Technology) Broadhead

The #1 selling crossbow broadheads just got better!  Excalibur’s Boltcutter B.A.T. Broadheads are now tuneable, allowing you to align the blades so each broadhead flies identically.

Boltcutter Broadhead
This 150 grain, 1- 1 /16" broadhead has proven itself to be the most accurate hunting head on today’s high speed hunting crossbows.


X-Act Mechanical Broadhead
This 100 grain, 1- 7 /16" cut broadhead is designed for the hunter who wants maximum velocity from their crossbow but refuses to accept less than outstanding accuracy.

Four Arrow Quiver
designed to safely hold your arrows and broadheads, but with a quick twist of a locking screw it can be removed from your crossbow for maximum mobility while hunting.
Quiver Bracket
Replacement standard quiver bracket made from tough polycarbonate material. Will fit any Excalibur Crossbow model excluding the MICRO Suppressor 

Arrow Puller 

A very handy and useful item!


Excalibur's Select the Right Arrow Tech Tip