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Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets - food plot seed 2.25 lbs
[Winter Bulbs 4003]

Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets - food plot seed 2.25 lbs

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A great diverse food plot offering. The sugar beets are browsed early and the brassica bulbs powered by the "green" top bulb (the highest preferred bulb) making this a plot attractant early, but a strong late season food source. For years many people have been amazed as they watched deer dig up the BioLogic bulbs late season. Not all brassicas make bulbs. This blend guarantees plenty of bulbs plus it has the added attraction of sugar beets.

*NOW AVAILABLE IN 50 LB  BAGS  (5.5 acres) - $399 available in store only

Coverage - 1/4 acre (9 lbs. per acre)   Soil Type - Will grow in all soil types pending adequate soil moisture is available.

Up to 38% protein, but averages mid to low 30’s. The root bulbs are relished late and through to the following spring.

Utilization occurs from first frost until late winter. Proven late season performer.