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*NEW* Excalibur 308 Banshee Suppressed Edition w/Dead-Zone Scope Pkg
[Exc 308S Banshee]

*NEW* Excalibur 308 Banshee Suppressed Edition w/Dead-Zone Scope Pkg

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The 308 BANSHEE delivers lightweight maneuverability for tight ground blinds and treestands with a super compact overall length. Specifically designed with an overall length of 30 inches and a shorter length of pull of 12.5 inches, the 308 BANSHEE is ideal for hunters concerned with size and weight and perfect for young hunters or shooters of smaller stature. Complimented with a distinguished bronze finish and Kryptek Banshee camouflage, this crossbow blends into the forest. Coming loaded with premium features such as Excalibur's Dead-Zone Multi Reticle Scope, Excallibur’s Sound Deadening System, Air Brakes, R.E.D.S., X-Hanger 3 Arrow Quiver and performance tuned Quill arrows, the 308 BANSHEE is a unique crossbow setting the standards in balance and easy handling without sacrificing performance.

Speed (up to) 308 FPS | Cocking Effort 127 lb  |  Draw Weight 254 lb  |  Draw Length 13.375"  |   Bow-only Weight 5.4 lbs   |  Overall Length 30"  | Width (cocked) 21"  |  Width (un-cocked) 25"  |  Finish: Bronze with Kryptek Banshee camouflage

Package Includes:
• Dead-Zone Scope with 1 inch rings
• Sound Deadening System
• R.E.D.S suppressors
• Air Brakes
• Guardian™ Anti-Dry-Fire system
• Three-arrow X-Hanger quiver with bracket
• 3 Quill arrows with 100 grain field points
• Rope-cocking aid