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PSE NEW Fang 350 XT S2 Crossbow Package
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PSE NEW Fang 350 XT S2 Crossbow Package

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NEW 2017 PSE Fang™ XT S2 350 fps Crossbow Package - LIMITED EDITION
SKULLWORKS 2 CAMO.  Package includes Illuminated Multi-Line 4X32 Scope. The PSE Fang is better than ever for 2017 with the new Fang 350 XT!
Shooting at 350 FPS and upgraded with an all-new buttstock design for improved shootability and balance, the Fang 350 XT has also been tricked out with enhanced string stops, a compact new scope for better visibility, and is now 1.25” shorter than previous models, making it ideal for hunting in a blind or a tree stand.  Skullworks 2 colour pattern

Fang™ XT S2 package includes:

  • 4x32 Scope with lighted reticles & 6 aiming points
  • 3 20" carbon bolts with 100gr bullet points
  • 5-bolt quiver
  • string stops
  • limb dampeners
  • Anti-Dry Fire and Auto Safety Trigger
  • cocking rope
  • rail lube
  • rubber coated foot stirrup
  • soft coat trigger grip
  • Skullworks 2 Camo pattern