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Excalibur Micro KRYPTEK RAID 335 w/Tact-Zone Scope
[Micro Krptek Raid 335]

Excalibur Micro KRYPTEK RAID 335 w/Tact-Zone Scope

Price: $999.99  |  In Stock


Proof Positive that great things do come in small packages, at 335 FPS this ultra-compact powerhouse churns out all the speed and energy you could need, but with Excalibur's new Gen 2 CRT limbs that are only 25 inches wide and a 10 inch power stroke it’s by far the most compact recurve hunting crossbow in the field!  The Micro 335 is ideal for hunting in ground blinds or tight cover.

The Micro Raid 335 features Excalibur's stylish but oh-so-comfortable MATRIX Cutout Stock including rubber grip inserts for unparalleled control and feel, and comes with an ambidextrous cheek piece and an oversized trigger guard for cold weather hunting.

Draw weight: 270lbs.  |  Power Stroke: 10"  |  Velocity (@350 grains): 335 FPS*
Stock Style:   |  Physical Weight: 5.3 lbs.  |  Overall Length: 32.5"
Arrow Length: 16.5"  |  Minimum Arrow Wt: 350 gr.  |  Finish: Realtree Xtra

Available only as a package, which features:
- Tact-Zone scope (with 30mm rings)

- Sound Deadening system

- Air Brakes

- Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire System

- Ambidextrous cheekpiece

- R.E.D.S. suppressors

- Rope-cocking aid.
- A four-arrow quiver with bracket, and four Quill arrows with 150-grain field points.

* NOTE: All specs are based on base MICRO 335, Sound Deadening System may reduce speed