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Matrix 380 Lynx w/Tact-Zone Lite Stuff Pkg *LIMITED EDITION*
[Matrix 3850 Lynx]

Matrix 380 Lynx  w/Tact-Zone Lite Stuff Pkg *LIMITED EDITION*

Price: $999.99  |  In Stock

Limited Edition Matrix 380 ‘Lynx’ is Fully Decked Out in Realtree AP Snow Camouflage, The Answer to the Hardcore Buck Hunter’s Late Season Quest!

Excalibur plans to make a limited amount of Lynx crossbows, so hardcore hunters who have been asking for this snow-camo crossbow must act fast.

Draw weight: 260lbs.  |  Power Stroke: 13.12"  |  Velocity (@350 grains): 380 FPS
Stock Style: Ergo-Grip  |  Physical Weight: 5.9 lbs.  |  Overall Length: 35.62"
Arrow Length: 18"  |  Minimum Arrow Wt: 350 gr.  |  Finish: Realtree AP Snow


  • Self-contained Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire System (housed in the scope mount and catches the crossbow string to prevent firing if it’s triggered without an arrow in place. A built-in release allows easy uncocking so you don’t have to fire an arrow to end the hunt)
  • R.E.D.S. (Recoil Energy Dissipation System) string suppressors to reduce vibration, noise and shock for quieter, more comfortable shooting
  • Super-premium Matrix String made of BCY Dynaflight 97, which reduces creep and increases speed.
  • Tact-Zone scope and 30mm rings
  • Cheekpiece
  • Ergo-Grip Stock
  • four-arrow quiver with bracket
  • four Diablo arrows with 150 gr field points
  • Rope cocking aid