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Premium Perennial - 2.25 lb bag
[PremPer(1) 2lb 8202]

Premium Perennial - 2.25 lb bag

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Blend of perennial and annual forages, designed to maximize antler growth and weight gain throughout the growing season, year after year.  Extremely palatable and drought-resistant, providing highly digestible protein and minerals during the critical antler and fawn development periods in spring and summer. The annuals — large-leafed brassicas — are a delicious source of protein in advance of the winter stress period. Together, these cultivars yield high tonnage of quality food per acre while addressing the herd’s nutritional needs throughout the entire season.

To maintain optimum effectiveness beyond the first year, broadcast BioLogic™ Maximum’s brassica varieties directly onto the existing perennial crop in the early fall portion of the second growing season. With proper fertilization and care, a Premium Perennial food plot will last four to five years, delivering 30% crude protein, and over 80% total digestible nutrients.

Coverage 9 lbs per acre (2.25 lbs = 1/4 acre; 27lbs = 3 acres)

For more information see the Planting Guide.