Mossberg 500 Waterfowl - Duck Commander Signature Mossberg 535 ATS Duck Commander® – Waterfowl Mossberg 930 Duck Commander Signature – Autoloader


Duck Commander™ Series Shotguns

Hardworking Guns For Hardcore Hunting

No one knows this better than the Roberston clan. Mossberg has partnered with the Duck Commanders to provide a series of pump and auto-loading shotguns for the hardcore waterfowler. From the 500 and 930 Signature models to the new DC Pro-Series Autoloading Shotguns, you’re sure to find just the right Mossberg Duck Commander shotgun when Duck Season calls.

The Duck Commander Signature models are loaded with unique Duck Commander touches:  Receiver has repeat duck-in-flight pattern and Duck Commander logo on right side, with “Faith. Family. Ducks.” engraving on left side, and “Happy Happy Happy” on the magazine tube cap.